Many companies spend too much time and money working on the wrong problems.

So we work hard to identify the right problems from the start. Using an approach called D.A.C.E. (Discovery, Analysis, Creativity, and Execution), BerardiGroup is certain that –through thoughtfulness and thoroughness – we’ve covered all bases and asked the right questions before jumping into solution mode. Working through a model like D.A.C.E. can happen more quickly than you think.

Discovery – Looking at the present


Listening and understanding key components about:

  • Operations, financial, marketing and sales
  • Assets (human and otherwise)
  • Customers and competitors
  • Value proposition
  • Expressed strengths and weaknesses
  • Vision, short/ long-term goals and focus areas

Accomplished with:

  • Q&A Audits -involving client leadership and other employees
  • Interviews with customers and other stakeholders
  • Client-collected research
  • Observing client business
  • Self-directed, independent market research

Analysis – Spotting the opportunities in your assets


Finding the right problems to solve for, not just the ones that seem obvious or easy to solve

Accomplished with:

  • Approaches for solving key opportunities and suggested next steps
  • Discussion topics – to move the business ahead while staying in sync
  • In-person meetings to clarify points-of-view and prioritize

Creativity – Envisioning something new


New visions emerge to solve for the opportunities identified

  • In collaboration with the client, we create approaches to make these visions a reality

Execution – Implementing while using the least amount of resources


BerardiGroup taps its own network of experts

  • Cognizant of client time, human assets and financial resources
  • Fully-collaborative approach with client
  • Identifies channels and/or partners to help implement

Accomplished through:

  • Marketing promotion and digital/traditional advertising
  • Customer acquisition/lead generation
  • Media writing, relationship-building and pitching
  • Business development